We produce specific solutions for the care of eyes and contact lenses

From the start, Disop has been an innovative project

Disop ha sido, desde sus orígenes, un proyecto innovador y su historia está ligada a los comienzos de la contactología en España. Su fundador, Javier Chamorro Tormo, introdujo las lentes de contacto en nuestro país y, unos años después sus productos de mantenimiento, que hasta entonces se fabricaban en el extranjero.

From the start, Disop has been an innovative project

First one-step peroxide system
with coated tablet

First multipurpose solution
containing hyaluronic acid

First glasses cleanser to come with a cloth inside the bottle

First gel drop with
dual polymer

Disop was created in 1976.

Disop’s history is linked to the start of contact lenses in Spain. In 1976 Disop developed the first formulae enabling it to manufacture its own lens care products.

In the 1990s, Disop launched a product that revolutionised...

the world-wide market for solutions: Arion Plus, the first one-step peroxide system with a coated neutralising tablet. Not only was this a very convenient system but it allowed for thorough disinfection. The patented coating means that contact lenses can be submerged for 12 minutes in un-neutralised peroxide without any bubbling, during which the whole surface is fully disinfected. During the 1990s, Disop also launched its Dúa multipurpose solution, the first one on the market formulated specifically for disposable soft contact lenses.

During the early years of the 21st century...

a decisive step forward was made by Disop when it was the first to introduce onto the market hyaluronic acid as the humectant in a multipurpose solution (Dua Elite). From then on, the name of Disop has been linked to this ingredient and today most of the Disop products are largely based on it, whether for lens care or for eye health.

Disop’s catalogue of multipurpose solutions...

has continued to grow with the inclusion of Hidro Health SiH, the first solution to be developed for silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

For everyone who wears glasses,

a few years ago, Disop created a glasses cleanser with an original design that included a cloth inside the bottle and slits in the cap to facilitate drying.

Eye health has become...

another of the company’s goals. It has developed a family of products based on hyaluronic acid for every degree of dry eye, with a new formula being included every two years. The latest member of the family is Acuaiss Dual Gel, an artificial tear with a gel texture that contains a dual polymer with two humectants with the aim of achieving maximum eye comfort.

In 2022, Disop...

joined the Euclid Vision Group, thus starting out on a new stage in the company’s life.

Producing health care products is a great challenge

When designing and producing health care products, two very important challenges must be met: the technological challenge, and bureaucratic complexity. At Disop we know how to do both. We have a multi-disciplinary technical team with extensive experience in manufacturing, in the development of new formulae and in the registration and sale of products in Spain and internationally. Our work is backed by over 1,000 references on the market.

Close relationships with our customers are behind our commercial success

At Disop, communication with customers is one of the most important keys to our success. The sales team is always available to find solutions and to deal with any issues arising before, during and after sales. Customer orientation at Disop is not a goal but a fact.