Dry eye product prescription chart

Acuaiss drops: Relief for mild dry eye

Acuaiss Drops are an artificial tear containing hyaluronic acid that provides instant relief from the symptoms associated with mild dry eye disease, such as those caused by adverse environmental conditions (air conditioning, heating), excessive use of computers, etc.

This type of occasional discomfort and can be improved by using moisturizing drops with hyaluronic acid.

Disop Zero and Acuaiss Ultra: Preservative-free treatment for mild-moderate dry eye disease

Disop Zero liposomal spray and Acuaiss Ultra are preservative free products that are ideal for a specific kind of user suffering mild moderate dry eye syndrome and taking extended treatment.

Acuaiss Ultra preservative free drops contain high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and provide suitable hydration for severe cases of dry eye disease.

Disop Zero preservative free liposomal spray restructures the lipid layer and is ideal for patients with hyperevaporative dry eye disease.