Disop Zero preservative-free eye spray with liposomes

Restructures the lipid layer of the tear film


Disop Zero Eye Spray by LipoNit is a preservative-free eye spray with liposomes. It provides relief for people with hyperevaporative dry eye disease and is conveniently applied to closed eyes.

What it does

Restructures the lipid layer of the tear film as the formula contains phosphatidylcholine liposomes, which boost the density of the lipid layer and restore its anti evaporation function.

Recommended prescription

For people with hyperevaporative dry eye.

Also indicated for

  • Contact lens users.
  • People who are uncomfortable using eye drops for various reasons such as age or certain conditions (for instance, arthritis) and who prefer to use a spray that is applied to the eye while closed.


Soy lecithin, sodium chloride, ethanol, dexpanthenol, vitamin A-palmitate, vitamin E, purified water.

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